Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting the Life in Still life

Things on a Shelf
oil on canvas

Right out of the gate, I will tell you that I don't get too turned on over still life painting.

Even if I think I am going to approach one from an abstract sensibility, I find I quickly succumb to what I call the tyranny of things.

The vase, the lamp or whatever looms large in my mind and bullies me into trying to illustrate it.

I started this at my friend, Ann Hick's home, when I few of us had gotten together to paint.  The day was fun, but my results were quite tight and uninteresting to me.

Weeks later, back at my studio, with the specifics of the objects blurry in my memory, I finally pushed it to a point that is satisfying.

The tyrant ultimately loosened his grip, and I was able to get to the life in this still life.


  1. Nice very nice. Not many still life's work for me. This one does. Most are too still, too much like a photograph. Yours got some chi.

  2. Thanks Rich!
    You got it.
    It is about light and energy, not Granny's vase, for me.