Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Should Be Excited....

For Joan
mixed media on paper

I should be excited, but I am not.

My painting, Sutured, was accepted by Katherine French into the "Community of Artists" show at the Danforth Museum, but something about the whole experience has left me feeling a little empty.

Maybe I need a break from all these juried shows.

this piece here I did after a wonderful workshop taught by Randy LeSage at the Worcester Art Museum.  We spent a day looking into the life (whooo-ee) and work of Joan Mitchell.

I was previously unaware of her as a printmaker, so that was interesting.

This work is a monotype that I worked into with pastels.


  1. Oh I love her too. I didn't know she was a printmaker. I'll have to look at my book of her work again.

  2. I think you would find it interesting.
    She worked collaboratively with poets, resulting in beautiful books.