Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Materials matter

At this Point,
mixed media on panel,

Just like thinking about the self as being comprised of three intermeshing components of body, mind and spirit, paintings include intuition, concepts, and materials.

Depending on the artist, usually one of these three aspects is emphasized.  Sometimes one or more of them are denounced, but they are generally all present.

This piece was primarily about materials:  exploring the physical qualities and limitations of paint, the surface and various additives.

There are areas of gritty texture,areas of sheer glossy darks, and areas thick opaque colors.

More soon on an upcoming solo show!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Paintings from the Cape

I’m having a hard time prioritizing my time to include posting images here.

 I’ve got to let go of trying to organize or present things in any particularly thought-out way.

Here are a couple plein air paintings from last month.

The first one was a very sunny, blustery day at Pamet Harbor in Truro, Massachusetts.

The second one, was a very hot late summer day at Castle Hill center for the Arts also in Truro.

Honestly, it was a rough few days of painting.

Painting outdoors feels like something I need to push myself to do periodically, but it totally stresses me out!

I can’t lose myself in the process the way I can in the studio.

These are both 12x12, oil on panel.