Sunday, May 19, 2013

Forces at Play
oil on panel

Everytime I work on a panel I realize how much I prefer them to canvas,

 but to paint panels the size I prefer (larger than this) they are going to get both expensive and heavy!

The solid support does work better from me, though, given how I like to work the surface.

I used a new (to me) medium with this piece:
a gel medium which keeps the body of the oils nice and thick, but has great translucency and is glossier than the cold wax.


  1. I agree. I love painting on a hard surface as well. Canvas is just too bendy........

  2. Hi Joanne-I like this a lot!!! Also, the surface preference you mention is something I've given some thought to lately. Saw some really big-40"x40" and larger-hard surface pieces at a restaurant in G'field the other day and wanted to experience what I can only imagine as a sliding thing with the paint. There is someone in Brattleboro who makes and sells them....going to look him up.


  3. I think canvases are good for painting with brushes, and the springiness that Roberta mentioned can work for you if you are trying to work delicately.
    If you like painting knives, squeegees, rollers, and scrubbing the surface then the hard surface is your friend!
    There is a wonderful painter out that way who paints on good-sized panels, Barbara Hadden is her name.