Tuesday, April 9, 2013

monotype with oil pastel

I really enjoy this process of press-free printmaking.
As a matter of fact, I went out and picked up a jar of the oil-based ink in sepia, just like we used in class so I could do more on my own.


  1. Oh yes, I do too. It is a lovely thing!

    Those are my colors. I just love this piece.

    I need to try real inks next instead of always using the Golden Acrylics. Although I like all the color mixtures from the Golden. But you have inspired me to try real inks.

  2. Hi Roberta!
    The inks I am enjoying may be problematic for you.
    This is an oil based, relief ink by Gamblin.
    As I understand, there are acrylic inks as well, but there is a difference in appearance and handling.
    You can't tell from the photo here, but the really dark areas are very smooth with a very slight sheen, adding a textural contrast in the piece.

    One of these days I WILL get back to that encaustic plate......

  3. The colors are wonderful; it's an art-heart pumping and I like it.

  4. Somehow I lost your e-mail address and I wanted to tell you that yes, that is a collograph on my most recent post and that masking tape makes just enough of a relief for printing without a press. I think you can go thicker if you have a press but for what I am doing the tape works well. You really don't need much depth at all. I am using a type of very smooth tape that is not very sticky so it is easier to cut. I hope that helps in your attempts with the collograph!