Thursday, February 26, 2015

Duck Creek Frozen
acrylic and graphite on mylar

Last weekend I got to spend some time in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.  It was such a treat!

I was not far from a spot called Duck Creek, which I would say is a saltwater, marshy, inlet.
This time of year, and this exceptionally cold winter in particular, it is frozen into dramatically jutting plates that get pushed by the tides.  

One sunny, frigid morning we took a walk out over a bridge and around a small, uninhabited island.  Later we went home and I painted this from memory, which I prefer over using a reference photo.

My friend took some pictures which I am now very glad to have, and enjoy seeing the similarities and differences in the images.


  1. I like your warmer take on the scene as well as the more dramatic sky. Beautiful.