Thursday, February 20, 2014

Problem Solved!

Corner of my studio

You know I love R&F pigment sticks, but there is a dark side to every love...

As you use them, you have to tear off the identifying label, so sooner of later you (or at least I) have disorganized piles of dirty half sticks  jumbled on my work space.

I spend a stupid amount of time picking through these stubs trying to find a specific color, and making myself nuts!

But looky here:  I've come up with this space-saving, mobile organizer for the sticks and other supplies.

It is a large, metal shoe rack on castors.
The paint sticks go in little plastic bins or aluminum pans from the dollar store.

I've also got my baby wipes for quick clean up, space to hang papers or rags, and my swell new apron from R&F.

This frees up a lot of valuable area on my work counter without loosing much floor space.  Did I mention the wheels?
I love things that I can push out of the way!