Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice!

December Sun
oil on canvas

Here in New England, and probably much of the US, it has been feeling like winter for a while, but today it the astronomical start to the winter.

So cheers to all!  May you find a gift in long nights and fleeting hours of daylight.

Perhaps it means extra snuggling or snoozing, or some time for quite and introspection.

Thanks to those who posted or wrote me about this blog.
The conclusion I have reached is that it is okay for me to post on an "as needed" basis, I don't need to keep to a schedule with my posts.

I may have some shows in the New Year, so check back for details.

Peace to All.

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  1. That is a beauty! The blues are so lovely. I hope you are having a lovely winter so far and enjoying the season!