Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A New Landscape

Landscape with Marsh

Earlier this fall I went out painting in Uxbridge, MA with a group of friends.
This was the first of two paintings I did.  At first it was quite tight, so back at the studio I reworked it.
I liked it better, but it still didn't sit right with me.
The other day I realized what it needed was cropping, and had it been a work on paper, that is exactly what I would have done.
Chop, chop!
Instead, I painted out sections with a deep brown.  For the folks who like to see things literally, it might look like I am looking through a porch, but it is really, it is just my way of organizing space.
That is part of the really gratifying thing about painting to me; I get to say, "This is how I choose to present things" and I don't feel I need any further rationalization.

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