Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still Life


I don't frequently make paintings of objects, but it can be a rewarding challenge to try to get mood and meaning across with such banal subject matter.

I had been remembering the quiet, contemplative works of Morandi, and feeling my own deep sense of security I have from being part of a well-matched couple.

Here is a good article about Morandi if you are unfamiliar or want a refresher.

So here's a question for you: Okay, this is a still life, because of the subject matter, but unlike most still life paintings, it was not painted from observation.
Does that change it somehow?
Is it now more of an abstract? a fantasy? a doodle?
Does it make it seem better or worse knowing that it came out of my head?
How many questions can I pepper you with before you scream?

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