Monday, June 27, 2011

2 x 4's

A pair of eight foot long 2x4's in cast concrete bases.

I made these this past winter in a contemporary sculpture class with Lynn Simmons.

The assignment was to take a 2 x4 and "transform" it. Pretty open ended. My attempt was to revert it to it's primal, tree- self. The method, which was with a hatchet, was as important to me as the end result. My own physical effort was very primitive and primal and I felt imbued the piece with that raw energy.

The shards that came off the lumber were equally important to me, and were used in the second manifestation of this project which I call PV Trees. They can be seen on the Worcester Art Museum's sculpture blog scroll to the April 4th, 2011 entry.
To see my instructor's work please visit her website

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