Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Figure Painting

What Lies Ahead
oil on canvas

A month ago a group of my artist compadres came over for an afternoon of figure painting. Our model, Katie was just wonderful! I think everyone enjoyed themselves; I know I did, which is not to say I didn't find it very challenging.

I've done quite a bit of figure drawing over the years, but not much figure painting . I think this is my second time ever (the last time being back in the mid-1980's. Yikes.)

Since our session, I have returned to worked on this a few times, but I think I am finally done messing around with it.

I have mixed feelings about the end result. I guess I thought I was going to approach this much more loosely, abstractly than I did. I will just have to try again, and this time, perhaps, I won't let 25 years pass between attempts!

For you local artists who might be in search of a fantastic model to work with:

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